20 Pictures Of Animals In Hats To Brighten Up Your day

People do all kinds of things with their pets and their animals. They pose them for pictures and they dress them up, these people, however, did the best thing they could do dressing up their pets and animals, they put hats on them! Yes, you read that right — hats. Here you will find twenty of the cutest, silliest, funniest, and sometimes most shocking, animals wearing hats. You may be amazed that some of them stayed still long enough to capture a photo!

German Gerbil

This little gerbil looks absolutely adorable in his hat. One can only assume that the only reason it stayed on his head long enough for the photo was because he was busy eating that piece of cheese.

Birthday Cow

This cow didn’t want to be left out of the party, so she put on a stylish party hat to fit in.

Picnic Cat

This cat is super cool and ready for a fancy picnic. Not only does she have on her sun-blocking straw hat, but she is cool as a cucumber with those shades and has a sweet ride in that basket.

For The Goat

This goat is extremely stylish in his hat. Looks like he ought to pick up a banjo and play a tune!