20 People Who Successfully Escaped From Jail

It is most people’s hope that they do not someday end up in jail. However, if they do, there’s probably valid reasoning behind it. Sometimes people like to think about what would happen if they did end up in jail though. How long would they be there for? Would they be able to see their friends and family? Would they be able to escape? The following list is a compilation of 20 different criminals who successfully escaped from prison. Is that a good thing for the rest of the world? Probably not, but it sure is interesting.

Frank Morris

In 1962, Morris broke out of Alcatraz, along with two other inmates using a variety of makeshift tools. They escaped through the wall into a ventilation shaft, and used a homemade raft to get onto San Francisco Bay. They were never seen again.

Escape From Camp X

Camp X, a camp for prisoners of war, located in Ontario, Canada, held many German prisoners during World War 2. 28 German prisoners managed to escape by building a tunnel underground. However, after a week, two of them were killed, and the rest were captured.

The Boyd Gang

The Boyd Gang, a group of bank robbers, escaped from a jail in Toronto, Canada not once, but twice. They used hacksaw blades that the gang leader had hidden in his wooden foot, and bedsheets to scale the walls.

Dieter Dengler

Dengler was imprisoned in a jungle prison camp during the Vietnam War. He and six other war prisoners escaped, killing three guards. He became famous as the only American soldier to escape from a prison camp successfully during the Vietnam War.