20 Of The Weirdest Fighting Game Characters Ever

Flava Flav

It’s hard to believe that this actually happened, but it did — Flava Flav is one of Def Jam: Fight for New York’s playable characters, and like the rest of the cast he’s been turned from performer to pugilist. More specifically, he uses drunken boxing to batter his opponents, along with moves so fantastical that it’s as if he learned to defy gravity. Unfortunately, he can’t use his clock necklace to bop anyone who crosses him, but he’s still plenty praiseworthy for fighting in a full suit and top hat.


The Bloody Roar franchise is one famous for letting its players not only control some hard-hitting fighters, but also transform them into half-animal hybrids with a single button press. But while most of the cast turns into fierce predators, green-haired scientist Busuzima has the power to turn into the mightiest of animals: a chameleon. To his credit, he has a powerful set of moves that include turning invisible, lashing out with his tongue, stretching his arms, and passing gas. No one told him to take his fights seriously, so give him credit for expressing himself.