20 Of The Weirdest Criminal Sentences

The Seat Belt Escapist

A six year old boy was sentenced to attend traffic school for a special seat belt safety class along with his mother. The mother originally received a ticket because her son was not buckled up. However, during court mom stated that her son repeatedly unbuckled himself while driving.

The Slumlord

Nicholas Dionisopoulos was forced to live in his own dilapidated rental homes for six months. This was because Dionisopoulos refused to repeatedly correct dozens of building code violations where his tenants lived even though he continued to collect rent.

The Charity Thief

While Nathen Smith worked for the Salvation Army, he stole a red donation kettle containing about $250. Because these funds are used to shelter the homeless, Smith was sentenced to spend the night homeless as well.

The Horse Starver

Melissa Dawn Sweeney starved horses that were in her care. The horses were found emaciated and in poor condition at her trailer home. For this reason, while completing her 30-day sentence in jail, Sweeney was only provided bread and water for three days.