20 Of The Strangest Things Found Under The Sea

The Underwater River

This is one of the most fascinating finds underwater – probably ever. The Cenote Angelita Cave is called an “Underwater River” and is accessible only to master divers. Ninety feet down into the (already underwater) cave, divers encounter what appears to be a river, with plants and trees adorning the “riverbanks.” It is however, just an illusion. The “river” is just a cloud of hydrogen sulfide made by mixing the saltwater and freshwater together.

The Titanic

This list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the Titanic. It is a tragic and beautiful piece of history.

USS Oriskany

This aircraft carrier earned seven battle stars during the Korean War and the Vietnam War, and even received a mention in Top Gun. Now it is the world’s largest artificial reef.

The Antikythera Mechanism

This weird recovery was found in the early 1900’s by Greek divers, and is an ancient analog computer. Basically, it was used to predict the movement of the stars and moons, and is estimated to be from somewhere between 205 and 100 BCE.