20 Of The Silliest Inventions Ever Made

Car Exhaust Grill

To help save some time on cooking dinner when you get home from work, this allows you to cook your burger during your commute home. It says that it is safe to eat, but we think that smoke from the exhaust is going to get in the meat and we don’t want to take any chances.

Banana Slicer

Apparently there are people out there that think slicing a banana is a lot of work. This saves them time, but does the banana have to be that size every time?

Chopstick Food Fan

We have had noodles that are very hot, but have we become a society that is so lazy that we can’t even blow on our hot food? This fan cools it for you, but makes you look like an idiot while eating!

Goldfish Walker

While some of us take our dogs for walks, it looks like some people want to take their goldfish out for a walk. Has anyone ever seen someone using this? We wouldn’t even know what to think.