20 Of The Most Stunning Makeup Transformations

Nowadays, it’s so easy to change your look in one sitting. Plastic surgery, fillers and laser are just some of the ways people can almost instantly look different. But what if we told you that you don’t really need any of that to change your look? With good old-fashioned makeup, you can change just about anyone into a completely different person. Just look at these ladies and watch them transform before your eyes. Pretty creepy, right? Here are 20 before and after photos of women with and without a full face of makeup. We promise it will make you rethink any thoughts of getting plastic surgery.

Bleak To Chic

Wow, this woman looks like a completely different person! From bleak to chic with just makeup.

Contouring Queen

Just look at what all of this contouring can do to your face. She was already beautiful before, though.

Vamped Up

How are these the same people? How???

A Little Too Bronzed

Besides being about 8 shades darker, this woman’s makeup makes her look like the Jersey Shore version of herself.