20 Of The Most Stunning Makeup Transformations

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Nowadays, it’s so easy to change your look in one sitting. Plastic surgery, fillers and laser are just some of the ways people can almost instantly look different. But what if we told you that you don’t really need any of that to change your look? With good old-fashioned makeup, you can change just about anyone into a completely different person. Just look at these ladies and watch them transform before your eyes. Pretty creepy, right? Here are 20 before and after photos of women with and without a full face of makeup. We promise it will make you rethink any thoughts of getting plastic surgery.

Bleak To Chic

Wow, this woman looks like a completely different person! From bleak to chic with just makeup.

Contouring Queen

Just look at what all of this contouring can do to your face. She was already beautiful before, though.

Vamped Up

How are these the same people? How???

A Little Too Bronzed

Besides being about 8 shades darker, this woman’s makeup makes her look like the Jersey Shore version of herself.

Stunning Smokey Eye

This woman’s acne and under eye circles were completely covered up and she’s definitely rocking the smokey eye look.

Day And Night

Not sure what they did to this woman to make her look so different but between the hair and the contouring, she’s a different person.

From Blending In To Standing Out

This transformation is not as drastic as some of the others, although her bare face compared to that rainbow of eyeshadows is quite the contrast.

That Extra Glam

While this woman is beautiful in both the “before” and the “after,” her makeup look is beyond glammed-up.

Overly Airbrushed

This woman looks completely airbrushed in her after photo, let’s be real here. Regardless, there’s a noticeable difference between the before and after.

A Little Too Cake Face

This woman looks much better in her “before” picture. This makeup is just way too much!

Channeling Kim

With the help of contouring, this gal definitely gave herself a Kardashian edge.

Completely Transformed

While it doesn’t look like she’s done all that much, the lighter makeup and eyeshadow makes her look completely different. Let’s just hope she knows how to blend properly.

From Too Little To Too Much

This woman’s “after” photo makes her look like Tila Tequila. The blue liner and purple shadow is so overdone.

Adding More Definition

She’s beautiful in both versions but wow, what a difference between the before and the after!

Spiced Up

With a full face of makeup, this girl’s face is completely cleared up, her eyes are bigger, and her brows are fuller.

Camera Ready

While this girl still looks like a more done up version of herself, the “after” look is definitely an improvement.

From Bare To Bangin’

There is no way these faces belong to the same woman….Right??

Fresh Faced To Old Hollywood

This girl is definitely cute with or without a full face of makeup but her “after” look has much more of a movie star vibe.

Kicking It Up A Notch

With higher cheekbones and larger eyes, this woman just looks like an upgraded version of herself.

Blue Is The Hottest Color

And another major transformation right here. The only indicator that it’s the same girl is the blue hair!