20 Of The Most Embarrassing Injuries

Tossing Luck

You’d probably think it was cool if someone caught a thrown quarter in their mouth, but one guy ended up getting hit in the throat instead. It may not be the most damaging, but you can bet it hurt quite a bit.


The younger brother of one Redditor thought it cool to climb over a chain-link fence, but, unfortunately, tore open his scrotum in the process. He ended up with 8 stitches to fix it.

Invisible Wall

While fighting with a teacher, a Reddit user stormed out of the classroom and attempted to walk through a glass door. The door was closed, however, and he fell onto his face, bruising his entire forehead in the process.

Baked (Chicken) Breast

A young lady, while cooking her dinner, bent too far over the oven without wearing a shirt. Her boob ended up hitting the oven rack and burning in the process. That makes us cringe just thinking about it.