20 Of The Most Embarrassing Injuries

Injuries aren’t generally hilarious, but sometimes something happens when you’re least expecting it and you just have to have a chuckle at someone else’s expense. Of course, when the injury happens to you, then it’s not as funny, just painful. A lot of the times the injuries told, thanks to Reddit, are because the person was either half-asleep or just too dumb to manage daily life. Laugh at their expense, and be grateful it’s not happening to you.

Surprise Wake-Up

While lying, half-asleep, in bed with his wife, one man lost the blankets thanks to her dreams. Unfortunately for him, in his own half-asleep state, the man grew angry and slammed his fist down on what he thought to be the bed, but it was his own testicles instead.

Sweet Dreams

One individual had an odd dream that he had been hitting his head against something. However, when he awoke, he was actually hitting his head on the bedpost. That probably left a mark or two on his forehead.

Staple Statistics

In an attempt to calculate how slowly a staple could be released from the stapler, a young man thought it smart to press his thumb against it. A staple went a quarter-inch into his thumb, obviously. Cries of pain and laughter at his own stupidity echoed through the house.

Good Morning!

Whilst eating breakfast, another person ended up sneezing. Unfortunately, that sneeze ended up causing costochondritis, which is an inflammation of the rib cartilage — meaning that it hurt whenever they took a breath.