20 Of The Funniest Strip Club Names

Let’s face it, strip clubs are big business. They’re found in every major city where it’s legal, and sometimes in a big way. It’s more or less the second biggest industry outside hotels/casinos in Las Vegas and we’re pretty sure it’s one of the more profitable business in numerous one horse towns across the U.S. While most have effective names that at least convey some level of professionalism, we found 20 strip clubs that have the funniest names you can imagine. So, without further ado, here are the 20 funniest strip club names of all time.

Boobie Bungalow

The important thing is that all beverages are free at “the bungalow”.

Uranus Lounge

We’re not sure if the name of this strip club is meant to convey the idea that the strippers are “out of this world” or, well, the other thing…

Vaginas R’ Us

We all knew that there had to be a Vaginas R’ Us somewhere…

The Rear End

They open at four and have the worst, tackiest sign possible! It’s the “Rear End” strip club!