20 Of The Funniest Marijuana Names On The Market

Bob Saget OG

When you’re smoking something named after Bob Saget, chances are you’re going to find yourself messed up afterwards. Garden Grove Medical in California sells this strain, and you’re going to want to enjoy Full House reruns while smoking.

Zombie Killer OG

The Walking Dead may have come to an end recently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the first four seasons on Netflix. Zombie Killer OG will be the perfect companion to those late night undead-fests.

White Girl OG

White Girl OG was designed to ensure you feel better after smoking it than you do after talking to stuck-up white girls in California. Orange County’s Canna Delivery will treat you to this one.

Obama Kush

If you’re looking for something of a high-quality, presidential stoning, then Obama Kush from Washington’s Sodo Holistic Health will be the option for you. It’s unclear if Obama supports this strain, however.