20 Of The Best Animated Disney Villain Songs

The World’s Greatest Criminal Mind From ‘The Great Mouse Detective’

There never was a more powerful voice than that of the dearly-remembered Vincent Price. His song in the mousey reimagining of Sherlock Holmes is pure mustache-twirling bad-guy fun.

Cruella de Vil From ‘101 Dalmatians’

Who could forget the most fashion forward baddie that Disney ever came up with? The cheeky, slinky little song is fantastic… if only it were a few verses longer.

Mad Madam Mim From ‘The Sword In The Stone’

Madam Mim is easily forgotten as an antagonist mostly because she is just giddy and chaotic more than evil. The Sherman Brothers tune – the same duo who penned the tunes of Mary Poppins – is still a lot of fun even if no one really ever remembers it.

Be Prepared From ‘The Lion King’

Another polestar of Disney’s animation canon, The Lion King doesn’t seem to have a bad song in it. Jeremy Irons’ deep and gravely voiced Scar sings the usurper’s tune with lots of gravity and plenty of villainous cool.