20 National Days That Are Completely Pointless

Caramel Popcorn Day – 7th April

It’s clearly not enough that popcorn has a national day associated with it, so we had to dedicate an entire day to the specific flavor of popcorn. I wonder if other flavors feel left out because of this!

National High Five Day – 19th April

Dedicating a day to ‘high fives’ is much like dedicating a day to urination, it is inevitable and therefore entirely pointless. What is the point celebrating a gesture that is a part and parcel of our lives. We might as well get a ‘flip off your colleagues day’ as well.

Paranormal Day – 3rd May

This is possibly the most senseless national day in the world. Dedicating a day to the belief that paranormal activities exist and indulging it in any manner should be made illegal. Instead we have an entire day dedicated to the ghosts and goblins.

Visit Your Relatives Day – 18th May

They say family comes first, but everyone knows visiting your family is a pain. The trick is to not make it feel like an obligation. Visiting your family member of ‘visit your relatives day’ is just about as obvious things can get.