20 Most Popular Animated Characters Of All Time

How many of us grew up watching cartoons on Saturday morning? Animated characters are a part of America’s collective consciousness, and as such they have permeated our society. They are everywhere, from the big screen to the silver screen, in Disney films and commercials. Which of course begs the question: which are the greatest animated characters of all time? Fortunately for us, the folks over at Animated TV have the answer. Here are the top 20 most popular animated characters of all time.

20. George Jetson

Coming in at number 20 is the one and only George Jetson, “father of the future“, who starred in the animated television show “The Jetsons” along with his wife Jane, daughter Judy, and son Elroy. A futuristic take on the basic concept of other notable animated cartoon “The Flintstones”, George Jetson and his family became an instant favorite among viewers and reruns continue to this day.

19. Betty Boop

Everyone can recognize number 19 on our list of animated characters: the one and only Betty Boop. Originally a black and white cartoon created in the 1930’s by animator Max Fleischer, Betty Boop is essentially a caricature of a 1920’s flapper. As one of the first talking cartoon characters ever, Betty Boop became an instant classic.

18. Fat Albert

Famous for the catch phrase “Hey, Hey, Hey!” Fat Albert comes in as the 18th most popular animated character of all time. Originally created by comedian Bill Cosby, the cartoon was geared towards America’s youth and taught life lessons in a funny way.

17. Beavis and Butthead

First appearing on MTV as the music-based cable station’s first attempt at creating animated characters, Beavis and Butt-head became instant classics. Created by animator Mike Judge, who also happens to have created the animated cartoon King of the Hill, the show features two barely literate and under supervised brothers who inevitably wind up in uproarious situations.