20 Most Ironic Names Of All Time

Whether it be sheer coincidence or a parent’s personal taste in comedy, there’s a number of people out there that have both unfortunate and great names for their profession. This list captures both sides of the spectrum, and even some that live up to their last name, like “Correspondent.” Can you believe somebody named Thomas Crapper was a plumber? How about Jonathon Law who, well, works in law? You won’t believe some of the hilarious and weird names you’ll find that have something to do with work or what’s happened in their lives.

Harry Carl Beaver

Harry Beaver is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology.

Walter Russell Brain

A British neurologist with a unique last name that he used as the title of a medical journal he wrote.

John Bukkake

A professor at the University of Calcutta, India, who is also a “renouned facial dermatologist.”

Matthew Correspondent

Living up to his last name as the European correspondent for BBC News. Okay, his last name isn’t actually Correspondent, that was BBC’s error, but it still sounds better.