20 Most Expensive Video Games Of All Time

16. Gran Turismo 5 – 93 Million Dollars

Sony has always taken pride in creating a racing simulator that is truly realistic in every sense of the term. The way each of the 200 plus cars feel on varied terrains is unique and highly believable. Quality of this order does not come cheap which is why they had to spend nearly 93 million dollars to make this game.

15. Tomb Raider – 100 Million Dollars

Lara Croft has become an immortal character in the video game realm and rightfully so. She is easily the most powerful female character created and has received numerous additions to her on-going saga. The latest reboot of the franchise was executed with a lot of care and attention, leading to an overall revival of the series itself. It cost the developers over 100 million dollars to create but it is a small price to pay to be a part of such an illustrious legacy.

14. Disney’s Infinity – 100 Million Dollars

This unique concept designed by Disney required gamers to possess a real-life, mini-avatar of the game characters they wanted to play as inside the game. Executing the concept did not come cheap as it set Disney back by nearly a 100 million dollars.

13. Grand Theft Auto 4 – 100 Million Dollars

You might be surprised to know that the in-game map of GTA 4 is substantially bigger than the succeeding part that was launched 6 years later. In fact GTA 4 is one of the biggest games ever made, which is why it cost the studio over 100 million dollars to produce.