20 Mind Numbing Things About Pregnancy No One Tells You

It Feels Like A Heart Attack…Oh, That’s Just Heartburn

Your chest will feel like it’s on fire and the pain can wake you up. It may even cause you to think something’s wrong with the baby or you’re having a heart attack. However, the sharp pain piercing through your chest is most likely heartburn.

Your Boobs Are Aching

As your hormones change your boobs will not only grow, but start to fill with colostrum. What no one tells you, is that it’s possible for milk to leak before the baby is born. So be prepared to wake up to wet stains on your shirt from leakage at some point during your pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Not Just the Belly Swells

Your body will swell in places you never knew could grow. Expect your nose, mouth, feet and hands to get bigger as the pregnancy months progress. However, your labia will also swell as the baby slides into the birth canal and you may feel as if you have an actual bowling ball inside. Try laying down to relieve some of the pressure, because walking will get painful during that last trimester.

No Worries, That’s Just A Foot

That pain you just felt that connected with your ribs or stab you between the legs is just the baby playing kickball. Prepare yourself for the inevitable, as there is no way to stop the little one from having some fun. Oh, and those bladder kicks will have you running to the bathroom every time. You might want to have some panty liners on in case of an accident, you don’t want to get caught at work unable to make it to the bathroom.