20 Mind-Bending Optical Illusions That Will Make You Look Twice

White and gold, or blue and black? If there’s one thing the infamous dress thought us, just a couple of months ago, it’s that our brains can be easily persuaded to believe they see the impossible. While magic routines are nowadays easily explainable, the mind trickery that can be achieved via optical illusions is at times extraordinaire. Making your eyes the magician, these 20 art pieces prove that the only thing certain in our existence is only the way we perceive the world.

John Lennon by Oleg Shuplyak

From a distance, the work of Oleg Shuplyak looks like a classical portrait of John Lennon. Look closer and you will be amazed to see that there is hidden imagery within the portrait, resulting in an astonishing optical illusion.

Illusionary Interior by Felice Varini

Praised for his real world optical illusion talents, Felice Varini is one of those artists that can make you question your entire reality. Although the above may seem as a photo manipulation, the effect is created by paintings on the walls throughout the corridor and the rooms. Looking at them from a certain geometric perspective, results in this mind-bending optical illusion.