20 Kitchen Tips And Tricks No One Ever Told You About

Make slicing meat easier

When you need to slice meat, sticking it in the freezer to let it at least partially freeze will make slicing it easier. You don’t want to freeze the whole thing so make sure to take it out before it is fully frozen. When meat is frozen, it is a lot easier to slice.

Peel Ginger With A Spoon

Peeling ginger with a spoon is easier and faster than using a paring knife or a vegetable peeler because it peels easier with it. Just scrape the spoon against the skin and it comes right off. It fits right into all the little contours of it, making things easier for you at the same time. Doing this also reduces waste.

Easily Clean Eggshells Out Of Your Bowl Or Skillet

Sometimes you might get some eggshell in your bowl when mixing eggs or even in your skillet when getting ready to fry them. To take the excess egg shells out of the bowl or skillet, use another egg shell and it’ll come out easier. This is better than sticking your fingers in a hot pan or chasing the eggshell in the bowl when trying to take them out.

Peel Hard Boiled Eggs Eeasier

When making hard boiled eggs, it can be tricky and can take a while to peel the shell off of them. However, just add a little bit of vinegar or some baking soda to the boiling water while they are boiling and the eggs will be a lot easier to peel once they are cooled down.