10 Of The Most Dangerous Cities On Planet Earth

It is hard to come up with a single city in the world that doesn’t have some form of crime, whether it is violent or non-violent. However, each and every country has that one area where no one actually wants to go unless they absolutely have to. These, obviously, are the most violent cities in the entire world, so it’s no joke when people say they are terrified of living within the area. People die, women – and men – are raped, children are kidnapped, and lives are just made hell in general. If at all possible, avoid these ten cities.

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is easily one of the largest metropolitan areas in the entirety of Africa, and is the former capital of Nigeria. The city has always been known for its violence, where almost everyone carries an automatic firearm of some sort. The crime rate is rapidly increasing, too.

London, United Kingdom

When people think of London, they don’t often consider how dangerous the city truly is. Unfortunately, the youth of the country tend to carry blades at all times. Knife related crime is at an all time high since 2008.