20 Hilarious Pizza Box Instructions That Turned Out Perfect

“Draw A Dino On The Box”

This philosoraptor strikes again with… a very good question. Obviously the drawer of this dinosaur is one of the most intellectual pizza deliverers out there.

“Draw A Dinosaur Howling To The Moon”

What a majestic portrait. This doesn’t belong inside a pizza box, it belongs on the wall of some esteemed art museum. Well, maybe not, but it still is a very amusing drawing.

“Draw A Dragon Fighting A Flamingo”

A fireball spitting dragon versus a sword weilding flamingo with the ability to balance perfectly on one leg. It’s surely the match of a lifetime, but we must say that our money is on the dragon.

“Draw Something Funny”

You think you’re clever, pizza guy or gal? Well, maybe you are. At least you drew a smiley face.