20 Hilarious Motivational Posters For Lazy People

We live in an age where if we use social media, there’s a good chance we’ll come across several motivational quotes each day. Most of the time, we just take these quotes at face value and assume there is some merit to them. But many of these quotes imply hard work is required to reach goals, and for some people, hard work is a deal-breaker. So, here are 20 “motivational” posters for people who just don’t really want to do stuff.

For Netflix Lovers

It used to be procrastinating with a good book or a even just texting, but nowadays, Netflix has become the ultimate procrastination tool. It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’re binge watching a great show!

Not Worth the Effort

If you often think to yourself, “Why bother?” this is the poster for you!

Distance Yourself

Distance sounds like a great idea. You don’t need that kind of positive influence in your life.


It might not sound glamorous, but who doesn’t want to eat pizza in their underwear and watch Judge Judy? Trick question: No one!