10 Hilarious Faces Made By Elite Sports Competitors

Professional sportsmen and women are often some of the most admired people in society. Their dedicated to their chosen field and amazing skills can impress millions of people around the world. This also means that they act as role models, with children looking up to their sporting heroes and trying to emulate them as best they can. Many athletes are attractive, thanks to their healthy lifestyles and fit physiques, which also contributes to their success and likability. That isn’t to say that they always look beautiful though, in fact, they can actually look almost alien when they are in the middle of an activity as they pull frankly hilarious faces.

Peter Waterfield

Peter Waterfield is just proving that falling through the air very quickly can lead to some very unusual faces being pulled. Especially when you are about to slam into the water.

Andy Roddick

People have probably pulled worse faces than Andy Roddick while trying to beat tennis great Roger Federer.