20 Funny Fast Food Fails That Will Make You Want To Eat At Home

Fresh Chicken

You know chicken is fresh when it still contains feathers! It’s not really possible for the feather to go in the deep fryer and come out looking like that, so how did this happen?

Subway Fail

Usually the workers at Subway will cut your sandwich in half, but this worker was a little off that day. Unless they were cutting it into quarters, this is terrible.

Testing The Tomatoes

This fast food restaurant wanted to make sure they were giving out fresh food, so they were just testing the tomatoes before serving them. However, they should not give customers the slices they have already tested!

Tostada Fail

This could be blamed on sliding around in the box, but half of the tostada is missing sauce, so that can’t be it. This worker just threw everything into the box and called it good.