20 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities For The Whole Family


Children love painting and a chance to get messy, so buying some paints can be a really nice way to have some family fun. All you need is a few brushes, a collection of paints and some paper for them to create their art, and you can even have competitions to come up with the best picture. Alternatively, if you need to paint a room, enlist the kids and get them to help. They’ll have just as much fun.


Cycling can not only be plenty of fun, but it is also a good way to get in some exercise and explore the area around you. Plenty of cities and towns now have designated cycle parks or routes through the countryside, allowing you to take your children to a variety of different locations. Attachable helmet cameras such as the Go Pro also mean you can film the entire ride.


Bowling is a great way to spend some time with your kids thanks to the fact that it is so accessible. Almost anyone can play and it will allow you to bond and enjoy yourselves for a couple of hours. It might also be a good idea to invite some friends and family along too so you can have a more party-like atmosphere.

Play Restaurant

A nice way to have some fun at dinner time is pretend that you are at a restaurant and get the children to pretend that they are serving you dinner. They will love dressing up and play acting the role of a waiter or waitress. You can even try it the other way round, giving the children menus with you taking on the role of the restaurant worker.