20 Forgotten Pretty Little Liars Characters

​Ben Coogan

Before Emily dated Samara, Maya, Paige, and Talia, she dated Ben. After he gets beaten up by Toby for trying to rape Emily, he disappeared from the series.

Wayne Fields

Wayne Fields is the father of Emily. When we last saw Wayne in season four, he was helping Emily escape from the second floor of Rosewood High after she had a panic attack due to A’s antics. After helping Emily, he collapses and later revealed that he has a heart condition. Wayne hasn’t been seen since. Is he okay? How is his heart condition? Hopefully when the series picks back up, we’ll see Papa Fields again.

Alex Santiago

Before Spoby (Spencer & Toby) existed, Spencer dated Alex. He worked at the Rosewood Country Club that the Hastings’ family often visited. The two eventually break up due to Alex being invited to a tennis Summit in Sweden. Alex hasn’t been mentioned since his last appearance in Season 1’s episode, ‘Salt Meets Wound’.

Kate Randall

Kate Randall is Hanna’s stepsister. When she first appeared, she promised to make Hanna’s life a living hell. Kate hasn’t appeared in the series since it was revealed that she lied about Hanna and her friends bullying her. She is often mentioned is some episodes.