20 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Grill

It’s that time of the year when the weather starts to heat up and cookouts as wells as barbecues start to signify that summer is almost near. The warm weather allows us to bring out the barbecue grills and cook delicious meals outside. But, have you ever thought about grilling foods other than meat? It may sound a bit weird, but unless you’ve tried it, how would you know if you like it? Here’s a list of some foods you probably didn’t know you could grill. So get that fire going and start grilling!

Pound Cake

Every one loves a slice of homemade pound cake. Putting this dessert on the grill will enhance the sweetness. You can also top it off with your favorite fruit or ice cream.


When you think of hot weather and peaches, the first thing that comes to mind is either peach tea or peach cobbler. Try grilling your peaches. To make the grilled peaches even better, throw some butter and brown sugar on them for an extra amount of deliciousness.


Grilling donuts will give them an extra sweet, caramelized, sticky flavor. You can eat them as is, or top it off with nuts, powdered sugar or some ice cream.


Okay, so a grilled watermelon may not sound appetizing but it’s perfect for the grill. Grilled watermelon can be paired with your favorite salad fixings, with some cheese and crackers or eaten by itself.