20 Fictional Musicians You Probably Wish Were Real

We all have musicians that we can’t help but to love. Sometimes while watching some of our favorite movies and TV shows, we tend to fall in love with the fictional musicians we see on screen. These fictional musicians have songs that we can’t get out of our heads. We often wish they were real musicians so that we could meet them in person or go to one of their concerts. But we have to remember they’re not real and are only played by actors, or are cartoon characters. Let’s take a look at some musical acts from TV shows and movies that you know you love and wish were real.

The Five Heartbeats

The Five Heartbeats had us all singing ‘A Heart is a House for Love’, and wishing for ‘Nights Like This.’ You’ve got to admit, once you found out the actors in the film were just lipsynching to the group, The Dells, you were a bit disappointed.

Hakeem Lyon

When Hakeem Lyon from ‘Empire’ started singing his song, ‘Drip Drop’, you couldn’t help but singalong with it. You’re probably singing the song now as you’re reading this.

Boyz ‘N Motion

Boyz ‘N Motion were the popular group that Raven Baxter was in love with on ‘That’s So Raven.’ The group was determined to give you their devotion, with lyrics like “Boyz, We Are The Boyz ‘N Motion, We Give You Our Devotion.”

Jesse and the Rippers

Jesse Katsopolis formed his own band on ‘Full House’. Remember that sweet song he wrote for his twins called ‘Forever’?