20 Cool And Crazy Things Made From Gold

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Gold has always been a symbol of riches and glamour to many of us. A gold bracelet as a birthday gift is nothing short of delightful; a gold ring on a perfectly manicured hand is even better. But, outside of jewelry, gold can be used to make other things as well, and if you’re rich enough, you can get pretty much anything made in gold. These cool and crazy items takes the term “all gold everything” to a whole new level.

Gold Vibrators

Would you invest in a gold vibrator? Well, if you ever decide to, it will cost you a whopping 25,000 dollars. While that may seem expensive, it’s made out of 18-karat yellow gold, white gold and diamonds.

Gold Casket

Talk about going out in style. Is there any better way to travel to the afterlife than in a luxury gold casket?

This one is called the Monarch Elite luxury gilded casket. It is made with solid American cherry wood, entirely double gilded in pure 24-Karat gold and is finished in luxurious Ruby Red velvet interior trim.

Gold Facial

Now this is what you call royal treatment. Reportedly this 24-karat face mask has numerous benefits for the skin.

It helps with blood circulation, toxin removal, cell renewal and skin rejuvenation. One visit to get this gold facial will cost you about $1,000.

Gold Chocolate Pudding

To indulge in this $35,000 dessert, you have to order it 2 weeks in advance.

This pudding, which looks like a piece of art, is adorned with gold leaf, caviar and a 2 carat diamond. At this cost, you better savor every single bite.

Gold Shirt

If you like comfortable clothing then we don’t think this gold shirt will do you any good. But, if you prefer style over comfort then say hello to this white velvet, 3.2-karat gold shirt with Swarovski crystal buttons.

This fancy piece was commissioned by 32 year old Datta Phuge from India, and it only cost him 22,400 dollars.

Gold Pills

We have no idea if these pills cure anything, but these 24-Karat gold-dipped, gold-filled capsules were designed by Tobias Wong and J.A.R.K and are sold for $425 a pop.

These completely edible pills are ideal for people who want to bling out their bowels.

Gold Vacuum Cleaner

Do you absolutely hate the thought of doing housework? Well what if you had a gold vacuum to work with, would that make it better?

If you answered yes, then you’re actually in luck as this 24k gold vacuum is actually on sale for a mere $999,999 down from 1 million dollars.

This nifty gadget, created by GoVacuum, has a 10 amp motor, a wide cleaning nozzle and anti-marring urethane wheels — oh and don’t forget its dazzling appearance.

Gold Slinky

Playtime just got super expensive thanks to this 14-karat gold-plated slinky.

A regular slinky might cost you a dollar or two but for this one you will need to shell out about $99.

Gold Lemonade

You definitely won’t get this for a dollar at the neighborhood kids’ lemonade stand; the Elixia lemonade is infused with 24k gold flakes.

This ultra deluxe drink was produced by a company in Dubai known as Elixia Faustin. It doesn’t just refresh your body, it also “refreshes your wealthy mind.”

Gold Toilet Paper

A company known as ‘Toilet Paper Man’ is actually selling a roll of 24K gold toilet paper for over 1.3 million dollars.

It is the most expensive toilet roll in the world and is made in Australia. The toilet paper is 100 percent useable and safe. It comes gift-wrapped and is delivered personally with a bottle of Champagne.

Gold Pencils

Korean designer Daisung Kim, was for some reason inspired to design gold pencils. Each one is coated with a thin layer of 24k gold and is available at the surprisingly reasonable cost of $20.

Hey if you believe in luck these might just come in handy during your next exam.

Gold Lamborghini

The world’s most expensive car, the Lamborghini Aventador is crafted from a 500kg solid block of gold and costs 7.5 million dollars to build. There is a reported 25 kilograms of gold within the final product.

The Aventador boasts a V12 engine and a massive 700bhp; it has a seven-speed transmission, and reaches 100kmph in under 3 seconds.

Gold Computer

Do you know what would make me work harder and spend longer hours at the office? A solid gold computer.

For $30,000 a company called ‘Computer Choppers’ can cover your favorite Apple gadget, whether its a laptop, cellphone or tablet in yellow, white and rose gold. How cool is that?

Gold Staples

Listen, if your boss is not impressed by these 14k gold plated staples when you turn in your next report, then just give up.

For $210 you can own these cool office supplies created by Dutch design house, Oooms.

Plus they won’t arrive in a plain cardboard box, these come in a velvet case with 24 pieces. Let’s just hope they work in your regular old stapler.

Gold Barbecue

Every component of this fancy barbecue grill is plated with 24k gold. So if your friends didn’t know how rich you were, they’re bound to figure it out the next time you invite them over.

So how much will it cost you to impress the neighbors with this gadget? Only $164,000.

Gold Pacifiers

Bling out your newborn in this 14k white gold pacifier for only $17,000.

Why would you spend that much money on a pacifier? Well if it helps, this European binky was given to Brad and Angelina when their daughter Shiloh was born.

Gold Cheese

At a cost of $95 per 100g this is the most expensive cheese in the UK.

Created by Long Clawson Dairy in Leicestershire, it contains edible gold leaf and real gold liqueur and has acquired the nickname, “Britain’s blingiest cheese”.

Gold Tricycle

What kind of toy do you buy for your ‘golden child’? A gold tricycle of course.

Keep your little tot occupied in this 24k gold-plated tricycle, with alcantara saddle and ball-bearing wheels. Manufactured by Wisa Gloria, this toy is intended for children 3-5 years of age.

What’s scary is that the price is not listed, but is only available upon request.

Gold Christmas Tree

Made by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka, this Christmas tree is valued at 2 million dollars. It is made from 26 pounds of the precious metal and decorated with about 100 ribbons, orchids and hearts, all made of gold.

Gold Toilet

If you ever visit Hong Kong make sure you stop by the Hang Fung Gold Technology showroom and view their 900 pound, solid gold toilet.

What’s even better is that for $128 dollars you can even use it. I mean how could you not feel like a king on this gold plated throne.