20 Animated 90’s Shows That Shaped A Generation

If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are you watched a lot of animated television shows. These shows would provide some comedic relief, suspense, and often life lessons. They taught us to embrace quirkiness, individuality, being different and even taught us fun ways to learn school subjects. We couldn’t wait to get home from school and watch our favorite show every day. We also had to wake up early on Saturday morning to catch a 4-hour block of cartoons. Without a doubt, these animated shows helped shaped us, whether we realize it or not, and they’ve made an impact on our lives. Check out a list of animated 90’s shows that will surely bring back memories.

Magic School Bus (1994)

Magic School Bus taught kids to literally think outside the box. The series took science, an ordinary class subject that some would consider boring, and made it fun to learn.

Doug (1991)

Doug had to move from his hometown of Bluffington to Bloatsburg. The young boy keeps a journal of his life discussing how he’s coping with the move, deals with bullying and his crush on Patti Mayonnaise.

Bobby’s World (1990)

Howie Mandel created this animated series and voiced the main character. It explored the creative imagination of 4-year-old Bobby Generic.

Life With Louie (1994)

Life With Louie was based on the life of comedian, Louie Anderson. Louie often faced bullying in the series, something a lot of kids could relate to.