20 Animals Making Some Seriously Crazy Faces

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Look, we’ve all been there. You can’t always take a perfect picture, that’s just not how the world works. Sometimes you get snapped blinking, crying, or mid-ugly laugh. Life can be unfair sometimes. But the beautiful thing about it is that it doesn’t just happen to humans, it can happen to animals too! In fact, it happens to animals all the time. You can’t always be on your A game now can you? Here are 20 photos of animals out in the world making some seriously crazy faces. Some look happy, some look pissed, and some look completely and utterly shocked.

Laughing Owl

What is this owl laughing at? Is there something on my face?

Surprised Kitten

This kitten is truly stunned by something and we want to know what it is.

Ecstatic Frog

This frog is honestly having the best day of its life.

Terrified Pug

This pug must have seen a ghost or something because it looks beyond terrified right now.

Bewildered Cow

This cow looks very confused. He needs an explanation and he needs it now.

Shocked Lemur

He said WHAT??? This lemur has just heard some shocking information and cannot believe his ears.

Hungry Koala

This koala has been fasting for 24 hours and is finally ready to shove some leaves in his face.

Rude Bear

This bear looks like it’s blowing raspberries at everyone that passes his way. So rude!

Confused Deer

This deer doesn’t really know what’s going on right now.

Pissed Off Cat

This cat is at the end of its rope. Don’t mess with her.

Annoyed Lion

Same with this lion. Sometimes the other jungle animals can be so irritating.

Disgusted Orangutan

This little creature is appalled by what it’s seeing.

Greedy Chipmunk

If you think you’re going in on this chipmunk’s food, you are absolutely wrong. No sharing with this guy!

Frazzled Monkey

This monkey looks like it was just woken up during REM cycle.

Dramatic Bird

This bird is making such a scene right now!

Chilled Out Giraffe

This giraffe is absolutely pouring with content.

Blacked Out Bull

This bull has had way too much to drink and needs some coconut water and 10 hours of sleep.

Happy Chimp

Look at how happy this orangutan is! She’s just loving life right now!

Devastated Bear

What a disaster! This bear looks like he’s screaming “Nooooooo!” at the top of his lungs.

Over It Anteater

Ugh. So beyond over it you guys.