20 Amazing Photos Of Borders From Around The World

The world is naturally made without borders, but it is man who imposes boundaries to separate man from man. One of the oldest and still standing manmade borders is, of course, the Great Wall of China. Construction started in 221 BC and finished in 1644, and is used to separate China and Mongolia.

Man creates different ways and devices to create boundaries — relying on natural boundaries, building a heavily-guarded barrier or simply placing a marker. The borders often say a lot about the neighboring countries’ relationship from each other, whether they are amicable or hostile. Here are 20 of the most awesome photos of unusual borders, manmade and natural, from around the world.

Malaysia & Singapore

This bridge connects the two Southeast Asian nations together. Note the difference in road surface between Malaysia and Singapore

US & Mexico

This photo features the famous border that separates US and Mexico; US’ barren desert on the left and bustling Mexico on the right. It makes 350 million legal crossings every year, making it the most frequently crossed border in the world. It is 2,000 miles long.

Argentina, Brazil & Paraguay

The Triple Frontier is the point wherein the Iguazu and Parana rivers converge. It is also the point that separates the 3 South American countries Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

North Korea & South Korea

The border that separates North Korea & South Korea is full of tension and heavily guarded. The location of the picture is in DMZ or Korean Demilitarized Zone, where both North and South Korean forces have to stand facing each other.