18 Weird And Funny Newborn Baby Photos That Should Not Be On The Internet

Is This Real Life?

This little confused newborn is just looking like a true philosopher from his first moments in life. With a grimace showing both sadness and thoughtfulness, we just can’t help but ponder is the baby thinking ‘Is this real life?

I’m A Sleepy Pirate!

Following the footsteps of Jack Sparrow, this little baby is set to being a pirate from the moment it is born. However, it is still too sleepy and tired to go on a quest for buried treasure.

The Turtle Protects Me!

Every baby has a favorite plush toy, and this one has its for a reason – it’s always protecting it, even when it sleeps!

The Beautiful Goddess!

With a wreath of flowers on her head, this little newborn baby girl is a true goddess from her first moments on this earth!