17 Creepy Dummies You’ll See Again In Your Nightmares

​Late Night with Conan O’God It’s Looking At Me!

We aren’t sure if they meant to make this dummy look like a weirdly off-putting, child-sized version of Conan O’Brien, but that’s exactly what they ended up with.

​Please, Make it Stop

Wait, is this a ventriloquist dummy, or an android child soldier sent from the future on a mission to wipe out humanity? Either way, it’s terrifying.


Who’s in control here? The ventriloquist, or the dummy? Our heads say ventriloquist, but deep down in the pit of our stomachs, in a place repressed by years of rocking back and forth while chanting ‘There’s no such thing! There’s no such thing!’, we just know it’s the dummy.