15 Stunning Examples of 3D Street Art

Water World

Can anyone spot Kevin Costner anywhere? If you haven’t seen Waterworld, ignore that reference, then go and watch Waterworld and come back here. You’ll appreciate the reference then. What you won’t appreciate is the fact that we’ve just made you watch a crap movie with Kevin Costner. Anyway, check out that kid in the red shirt on the right walking on the water. Jesus? Oh yeah, it’s not actually real water. Our bad.


The council really need to sort out this glaring hole in the middle of town… anyone could fall down it. Luckily, that clever cyclist has chosen to ride across the abyss using the provided plank. Much safer. Of course, it would have been safer still if she had had the foresight to just ride around the vast unending chasm of death, but we suppose you have to commit to these things or there’s no point.