15 Of The Funniest Baby Photos

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It’s always interesting to see baby photos of people you know or to even look back on your own. Sometimes it’s sentimental and induces nostalgia, but sometimes it’s just downright hilarious. Babies tend to have it pretty easy; they sleep, eat, and play for most of the day. Some days their routine is disturbed by a pesky photo shoot, and the results tend to be epic. Here are 15 of the funniest baby photos ever taken.

Nature Baby

This little lady is sticking her tongue out at nature! At least her tongue matches her bow.

Tiger Baby

When the photographer told her to, “Give me a tiger face,” this baby happily obliged.

Surprised Baby

We’ll never know for sure, but it looks like this baby just can’t believe what she’s seeing.

Competing Babies

These babies appear to have entered themselves in a “Who Looks More Like Donald Trump?” contest.

Disgusted Baby

That’s the face most people make when there’s a stinky diaper around. Or maybe she just wasn’t a fan of the photographer.

Angry Baby

This cute baby just can’t believe she was woken up from a nap for this.

Attention-Stealing Baby

The older brother is going to be pretty upset when he sees how his little brother is stealing his thunder.

Serious Baby

This baby doesn’t fool around during photoshoots. He’s all business, all the time.

Old Man Baby

It appears this baby just can’t wait to grow up and is already an old man, even though he’s just a few months old.

Big News Baby

This baby just found out he can eat his own fist and that’s a pretty exciting discovery!

Scared Baby

This baby might have just spotted a shark in the water! Let’s hope he warns his sister.

Blah Baby

This little cutie just found out that wicker chairs don’t taste so good after all.

Hungry Baby

That’s the face a lot of people make when the waiter walks by with something delicious for another customer.

Zoned Out Baby

We’ll have whatever this baby is having because it sure looks like a good time!

Gassy Baby

By the looks of it, there’s a serious storm brewing in this baby’s belly. Hit the deck!