15 Funny Memes That Will Make You Lol

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve stumbled upon quite a few hilarious memes online. Whether they’re making fun of our favorite reality stars or even a regular old Joe, memes have taken over the internet and no one can escape their wrath; from celebs to animals to even innocent babies — there seems to be no limits when it comes to memes. But don’t worry; its all in good fun so take a look at these 15 funny memes that we’ve rounded up for you to enjoy!


Okay, okay you’re not yelling!


Let them hate.


Insert evil laugh!


We’re sure you feel better now…

Candy Crush

Don’t even act like you’ve never had this feeling.

Best Friends

We’ve all got that one friend we’re like this with.


In her defense, she probably didn’t hear you.

Friend Zone

When someone tries to sneak out the friend zone.

The Look

Sure dude, if you say so!


You can’t rush perfection, man.


Typical Beiber. Always wanting the best for herself.. we mean himself.


Well, I’m sure the floor is comfy!


We’ve all been like this at some points in our lives. Especially when we try to say something and stuff up a word, and our attempts at fixing the mistake make everything worse.


Okay, little playa!

Thug Life

Okay thug!