15 Fascinating Tables You Wish You Owned

Tables are usually known for their practical purpose and they come in a wide variety of in a wide variety of sizes, materials and shapes depending on their intended use. Tables are also used as a stylish element to spruce up a home or office; they play an integral role in a home’s decor outside of just practicality. If you are on the market for a table unlike any other you’ve ever seen, then these 15 fascinating options will certainly blow your mind.

The Dripping Paint Table

Looking like something from a futuristic movie, this table is made to appear as if it is dripping red paint onto the floor.

It was Created by French designer John Nouanesing, and he calls it the ‘Paint Or Die, But Love Me’ table.

The Watch Table

As the name suggest this table was fashioned after the popular timepiece. It was created by Lee J. Rowland and the best part is that it actually functions – yes it tells the time!

The table can also switch from clock mode to a message mode that displays text, with a maximum of 8 letters. Now that’s a cool table!

The Illusion Table

This captivating table is designed by Rafa Garcia and is handmade to give the impression of a table cloth on a round table.

However, this is an illusion as a closer glance will reveal that the tablecloth is the actual table!