15 Dieting Methods That Can Kill You

Everyone wants to lose weight. Even those of us who look thin want to lose weight, it’s just an obsession of our culture. This long-held obsession has gone to some huge extremes over the years with people all over the world dying to lose weight. Here are some examples of how extreme some people have gone. Some of these are definitely not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. This list will leave you scratching your head, thinking “How can anyone really believe that? How can anyone really do that to themselves?”

All You Have To Do is Breathe

Michelle Pfeiffer actually admitted to this one. This diet involves simply breathing. It is almost a religious practice, the belief that you don’t need food or water to survive. All you need to do is breathe and become one with the universal life force. This does, however, lead to starvation. Believe it or not, your body does need some food and water to survive.

Eating Cotton Balls

This has been promoted on the internet for about as long as the internet has been around. It’s supposedly used by models to keep their figure. It involves eating up to 5 cotton balls a day dipped in some sort of juice (probably to make the things edible). But regardless of what you do to make them edible, they are simply not digestible. They can collect in your intestines creating a deadly block.

That Top One Isn’t a Piercing

This one is actually illegal in several states, mainly in the south. In these states, they have shut down alternative health centers and fined them for promoting this practice. Ear stapling seems to work in the short term for some people, but it can lead to infections and nerve damage. Supposedly, ear stapling is used to suppress your appetite.