15 Cool Fish Tanks You Wish You Had!

Graffiti Fish Tank

Artist Dean Zeus Coleman is known for reinterpreting traditional art forms. This time around he created the three dimensional graffiti, typography fish tank.

These are often specially made for clients and the typography can differ based on what the customer requests.

Helmet Fish Tank

We’re not sure why anyone would walk around with a fish tank on their head, but this guy seems to think it’s perfectly normal. We’re guessing that he’s not claustrophobic, has no fear of drowning and isn’t prone to sea sickness — good for him.

Fish Tank Faucet

Known as the “poor little fish basin” this one was created by designer Yan Lu to encourage water conservation.

When the faucet is turned on, the water level in the fishbowl decreases. If you use too much and the water runs out of the fish tank, well you know what happens to the poor little fish. Sad right?

Actually, the fish is never really in danger; thanks to cleverly hidden plumbing in the base of the sink, the water that comes out of the faucet doesn’t actually come from the fish tank, nor will it ever drain out completely. Once the pipe shuts off, the water in the bowl slowly refills.