15 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away But Still Earn Millions

Jimi Hendrix

Due to his electric performances and long-lasting popularity, Jimi Hendrix has been able to continue providing for his estate long after his death. Sales of his previously released music alongside new albums, special edition records and DVDs have ensured that a steady stream of income is constantly making its way to the Hendrix estate. Further income has been made from his appearance on merchandise, while his music is a popular choice to be licensed for movies, advertising and television. This means that Hendrix earns approximately $7 million every year.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is perhaps the most famous martial artist in history. His unique fighting style, stylized stunts and expert skill meant that he appeared in a number of high profile martial arts films, including Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, and Enter the Dragon. He has continued to earn significantly since his death thanks to posthumous releases, the popularity of his previous releases and the fact that his likeness is well sought after. This has pushed his annual earnings to around $7 million, a figure that could rise in the future thanks to upcoming films that will use his image and name with CGI recreations of him.

Albert Einstein

Scientists don’t tend to earn big money, even in their lifetime. However, being one of the most famous faces in history has its benefits, even for those in academic lines of employment. Einstein was a household name after World War II thanks to his pioneering work on nuclear physics and the theory of relativity and his stature has only grown since he died in 1955. Because of his highly recognizable image and respected name, his likeness is still well sought after to be used on scientific equipment, electronic gadgets and other products. Estimates put his earnings on around $10 million a year.