15 Animal Selfies We Could Take Some Tips From

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The inter-connectivity the world wide web provides us with gives us the opportunity to share our emotions, knowledge and experiences; let’s not forget that it also lets us share our selfies! Going as far as becoming the word of the year for 2013, the ‘selfie’ trend has grown in popularity so fast that today almost every human on earth that has a connection to the internet also has a selfie photo posted on one of the many social networks. However, animals are not falling behind! With or without opposable thumbs, these 15 lovable creatures have taken it upon themselves to enter the ‘selfie’ trend.

Thug Life Dog Selfie

With the hoodie on, in my bedroom. #BrosForLife #ThugLife #InstaFamous.”

This dog definitely knows how to look serious enough with the hoodie, but express its emotional side with the peace sign. The female dogs are sure going to like this selfie!

Bathroom Selfie Dog

“Just had a bath … Worst. Bath. Ever. #DogLife”

You can’t have an Instagram account without at least one bathroom selfie photo on it, and this dog knows it.

Cute Cat Selfie

“Am I pretty enough for you, senpai? #InstaCute”

This cute kitten definitely knows how social media works and what people love – a dash of sincerity, a dash of cuteness and a whole lot of cat!

Kangaroo Waking Up Selfie

“Just Woke Up. #NoFilter”

Like many others, the first thing this kangaroo does in the morning is taking a selfie. You have to admit, even without make up, this kangaroo is pretty fine looking!

Dog Jogging Selfie

“Have to burn off these few extra calories from the poop I ate earlier! #Jogging”

Dogs are extremely active and this selfie goes to show just that.

“You Don’t Believe It’s Me?” Dog Selfie

You don’t believe it’s me who’s writing? Here’s a pic to prove it!”

In front of his laptop, this dog has decided to take a quick selfie to prove to the people on the internet that it’s him who’s writing. He’s a dog and he’s on the web, do you have a problem with that?

Stressed Out Cat Bed Selfie

“I can’t fall asleep … I have to know what this red dot is … How do I catch it? I saw it again today, it was on the ceiling, on the wall, on the floor, but every time I try to jump for it .. I just can’t catch it … #StressedOut”

It turns out that bed selfies are as popular with animals as they are with humans. However, based on the stressed expression of this cat, it probably had a nerve-wracking experience trying to catch a laser pointer recently.

Lemur Nature Selfie

“Finally … Relaxation, fresh air and a whole lot of nature .. #OneWithNature”

While this lemur definitely likes to move it, move it, it needs a break from time to time, like everyone else; and what better way to relax than enjoying a nice nature resort holiday. Of course, good thing this lemur didn’t forget to take a selfie to prove to its friends how great he feels on his break!

Dogs Best Friends Forever Selfie

“Chillin’ Out With Betsie .. #BFFs”

Chilling out with your best friend? What better way to deal with the boredom than to take some selfies! But it looks like Betsie ruined the picture again with the dumb faces she always makes!

Elephant Long Trunk Full Body Selfie

“Look at my long. big. trunk. #ElephantsLife”

In order to take a great full body selfie most of us need the so-called “selfie sticks.” However, elephants are different. With their long trunks, they are able to take the perfect selfies and this guy shows just how you do it!

Cute and Creative Paw Double Selfie

“Going to sleep. Don’t wake me! #Tired”

Yeah, seems like bed selfies are the biggest trend in animal selfie pics. However, this creative pet managed to take a picture of it taking a selfie, and all of us know that creativity results in more likes!

Photogenic Sloth Selfie

” When life gives you lemons … Just smile .. “

Some of us have to fix our hair, put a little make up on and even put a few filters on our selfies, before we are finally satisfied with the outcome. However, there are some exceptions, like this photogenic sloth. You can just get lost in his deep dark eyes!

Pug Tongue Out Selfie

” Y’all jelaous? .. “

This pug is cute, but mean. Giving him extra points in the selfie game, it has decided to get its tongue out to increase the cuteness levels of the picture.

Sloth Bed Selfie

” My new cardboard home … Cats tried to take it away from me … but it’s Mine! Mine! Mine Alone! .. “

What did we tell you about the trends with animals? Yet another animal bed selfie. Of course, it seems like this sloth likes to sleep in a box, but we don’t judge.

Sea Turtle Underwater Selfie

“Scuba-diving is awesome .. #UnderwaterSelfie”

You thought the marine life wasn’t fancy enough to take selfies? Think again! This sea turtle proves with its underwater selfies, that there is nothing more majestic than the sea!