15 Animal Selfies We Could Take Some Tips From

The inter-connectivity the world wide web provides us with gives us the opportunity to share our emotions, knowledge and experiences; let’s not forget that it also lets us share our selfies! Going as far as becoming the word of the year for 2013, the ‘selfie’ trend has grown in popularity so fast that today almost every human on earth that has a connection to the internet also has a selfie photo posted on one of the many social networks. However, animals are not falling behind! With or without opposable thumbs, these 15 lovable creatures have taken it upon themselves to enter the ‘selfie’ trend.

Thug Life Dog Selfie

With the hoodie on, in my bedroom. #BrosForLife #ThugLife #InstaFamous.”

This dog definitely knows how to look serious enough with the hoodie, but express its emotional side with the peace sign. The female dogs are sure going to like this selfie!

Bathroom Selfie Dog

“Just had a bath … Worst. Bath. Ever. #DogLife”

You can’t have an Instagram account without at least one bathroom selfie photo on it, and this dog knows it.

Cute Cat Selfie

“Am I pretty enough for you, senpai? #InstaCute”

This cute kitten definitely knows how social media works and what people love – a dash of sincerity, a dash of cuteness and a whole lot of cat!