12 Reasons Why You Are In A Dire Need Of A Break

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In today’s fast-paced world we are constantly bombarded with incentives to be the best versions of ourselves. Egocentric, we focus on following our dreams, but often get lost in the process by trying to be as productive as humanly possible. With smartphones right at our fingertips and a million ways to keep ourselves busy, we sometimes limit our emotions, which later leads to anger, depression and a whirlwind of negativity. No matter how many books you read on how to deal with stress, there is only one answer – you need to relax! If you don’t believe us, check out these 12 reasons why you are in a dire need of a break and see with how many of them you can relate.

Everyone Irritates You

Even if you understand the people around you and why they behave the way they do, everyone irritates you. You are not sure why, but at times fury and anger fill up your veins, just because someone asked you “How Are You?” If this is the case, you definitely need to consider going away for a while, relaxing in a nice summer retreat.

You Feel Like A Ticking Time Bomb

You may be quite calm throughout the day and even smiling from time to time, but you just feel an inner pressure and you sense that trying to be as positive will result in all the negativity exploding in a single moment. Scared of what will happen once you explode? Don’t be! Go on a vacation for a couple of days, and positiveness will come naturally for you!

You Can’t Clear Your Head Properly

If you are the productive type, you’ve probably read that one hour of meditation each day could help you be relaxed in a stressed environment. However, if you are starting to feel like you can’t clear your head properly, we’ve got bad (in a sense quite good) news for you – you need a break!

You Hate Yourself

Did you relate with the previous three reasons? If you did, chances are you also hate yourself. Even though hating yourself can be caused by a variety of factors, the main reason for such an emotion is the stress of not being as good as you (or others) want you to be. However, if you take a break, you’ll realize that you are good enough and you have what it takes!

Your Pet Looks At You Differently

Do you have a pet at home? A creature you deeply care about? Have you noticed a change in their behavior? Pets are usually the first ones to see that there’s something wrong with our emotional state. If you are stressed out, there’s no doubt your pet will try to tell you that you need a break with its behavior.

You’ve Stopped Smiling As Often

When was the last time you’ve smiled naturally without a reason? Remember what happy feels like? If you believe that you’ve stopped smiling as often as you’re used to, then be sure to book a ticket to a tourist destination of your choice and get out for a few days. Whether you prefer the clean mountain air or the cold summer breeze on the beach, once you feel it, your smile will be right back up on your face.

You Haven’t Posted A Selfie Recently

Okay! This one may sound silly, but if you are one that usually takes selfies and you haven’t posted a selfie recently, you need a break from what you are doing! Selfies are a great way we connect to the world and present ourselves. They capture our emotions and make us feel important. While most think the selfie trend shows the ego-centrism of the latest generations, they are definitely a mentally healthy habit. Having that in mind, if you used to, but now have stopped taking selfies, think about taking a break from your new routines.

You Define Social Networking As “Work”

Social interactions are usually the most vital factor in a healthy lifestyle. However, striving for greatness, we often believe that each and every social interaction we have, whether on- or offline, should be as productive as possible. Thus, instead of going out for a coffee with friends or posting a sticker on someone’s wall, we tend to start using social networks and offline social interactions only when its work related. If this is the case for you, the Bahamas are waiting for you! Make sure to take a few friends with you as well, to further help you out with your relaxation!

You Can’t Fall Asleep Easily

One of the biggest problems of a busy mind is falling asleep. Especially if you have resorted to medication to help you fall asleep, you need to let your mind relax. To do so, make sure to take a break for a few days, before heading back to the real world.

You’ve Stopped Drinking Alcohol For Fun

Remember the times you were going to parties, drinking booze just to get things up and going and dance yourself off? If you have started drinking alcohol to calm yourself down and to relax, make sure to take a break immediately. One of the most common reasons for alcohol abuse is stress, thus make sure you avoid it.

You Are Obsessed With Being Productive

Almost every reason mentioned in the list shows that in one way or another you are obsessed with being productive. However, if you are aware of it – then you need to get off the screen and go on a vacation and you need to do it quick! Stop planning and thinking, just stop! Simply take a break!

You’ve Forgotten What a Break Is

If reading the past few reasons, you’ve find yourself in the statements, but can’t quite grasp the idea of what a break means for you; well, do we need to repeat ourselves – You NEED a break! And if you don’t know what a break is or don’t know where to go on a vacation, make sure to check out our list on 20 Amazing European Vacation Destinations You Need To Visit.