11 Weird Ways To Live Longer

Get Less Sleep

It looks like all those all-night study sessions and late nights at the office might pay off in a big way. Eight hours of sleep a night has long been touted as the ideal amount, but scientist now believe that lowering it to six can decrease mortality risks. On a related note, sleep aids actually increase risk of death, so you may be better off tossing and turning than popping the pill.

Have More Sex

Easily the most fun suggestion on this list, being intimate more often may also mean living longer. A recent study from the University of Belfast shows that orgasms lower risk of mortality. Plus, sex increases your heart rate and serves as a cardiovascular exercise that’s a lot more enjoyable than an hour on the treadmill. Add in the fact that sex is good for lowering stress and amping up your immune system and you’ve got lots of reasons to get busy.