10 Weird Genetically Modified Organisms You Never Knew Existed

This is not a comprehensive list of genetically engineered animals like super salmons or allergy-free cats. Here are possibly excellent examples of how far bio-science can go with genetic re-engineering and DNA technology. The basic unit to control different properties of organisms are thousands of genes in their DNA. It is possible to isolate each gene. Therefore, any biological property that exists in any living organism in any place on Earth can be brought into any other living organism even on another planet! This list contains 10 weird genetically modified organisms you never knew existed.

​Sudden-Death Mosquitoes

Sudden-Death mosquitoes are created for quick and sudden death purpose so that the dengue disease can be controlled in people. When the male mosquitoes mate with the female mosquitoes, they release the lethal genes that transfer to the females. This kills the females or the young ones carried by them.


Glofish is a genetically modified fluorescent zebrafish. They comes in many different fluorescent colors such as purple, blue, orange, green and red. Glofish can detect environmental pollution as it absorbs and re-emits light.