10 Weird And Interesting Facts About Mexico

Mexico is the southern neighbor of the United States in North America. It consists of 32 different states, and Mexico City, which is large enough to become its own area. The country was born in 1821 when it gained its independence and the border was established after the Mexican-American War from 1846-1848. If there’s one thing that is drunken like Budweiser in the US, it’s Tequila that’s made strictly in parts of Mexico. Here are some other unique facts about Mexico that you probably didn’t know about.

“Cholombians” Are Hipsters

Yes, even Mexico deals with hipsters. They roll by the name of “cholombians,’ and they generally long bangs, spiked hair, dorky hats, and rat tails. And no, it doesn’t look good on any of them.

World’s Smallest Volcano?

The Cuexcomate volcano is located in Puebla and stands at just 43 feet, making it the smallest volcano in the world. However, there is some dispute on whether it should actually be called a volcano and instead be labeled as the biggest geyser on Earth.