10 Weird And Crazy Places To Get A Tattoo

Having a tattoo can make a statement for a person. Although it is a permanent mark on your body, many people still do it to make the statement that they are unique in some way. There are many crazy places for a tattoo including a penis tattoo, a tattoo on your teeth, and even palette tattoos. Some places are so crazy to have for a tattoo, that you couldn’t even imagine having someone a needle stick there. Here are 20 crazy places for a tattoo.

Eye Tattoos

One trend going around in different prisons is getting the whites of your eyes tattooed. This sounds very painful but many prison inmates are doing it these days. They let someone who knows how to tattoo stick a needle in their eye with the color of their choosing to make the whites of their eyes look like a totally different color. Ouch!

Tattoo On The Roof Of Your Mouth

Although this is one place where it is uncommon to have a tattoo, there is one guy who has had it done. He had a tattoo shop in Brazil do it for him. You would really have to be brave to get a tattoo done there!