10 Weird And Crazy Places To Get A Tattoo

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Having a tattoo can make a statement for a person. Although it is a permanent mark on your body, many people still do it to make the statement that they are unique in some way. There are many crazy places for a tattoo including a penis tattoo, a tattoo on your teeth, and even palette tattoos. Some places are so crazy to have for a tattoo, that you couldn’t even imagine having someone a needle stick there. Here are 20 crazy places for a tattoo.

Eye Tattoos

One trend going around in different prisons is getting the whites of your eyes tattooed. This sounds very painful but many prison inmates are doing it these days. They let someone who knows how to tattoo stick a needle in their eye with the color of their choosing to make the whites of their eyes look like a totally different color. Ouch!

Tattoo On The Roof Of Your Mouth

Although this is one place where it is uncommon to have a tattoo, there is one guy who has had it done. He had a tattoo shop in Brazil do it for him. You would really have to be brave to get a tattoo done there!

Tongue Tattoos

Although this sounds like another painful way to express yourself, it sure does sound like a tasty one. These tattoos aren’t just art on your tongue but they also come in different flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and even garlic. I don’t know if I would like the garlic one but I would definitely try the chocolate and vanilla flavors. So, it’s art you can taste!

Teeth Tattoos

Not too sure this is a good place for a tattoo but there is a dentist in Utah who is making his way as the first United States dental tattooist. Wow! What a crazy but cool place for a tattoo. He charges anywhere from $75 to $200 and you can get anything from a rooster on your crowns as well as Elvis or anyone else famous. However, the famous faces are what costs the most.

Fluorescent Tattoos

This type of tattoo only shows under a black light. Some people get full fluorescent tattoos where you need a black light to see the whole thing and other times it is just used in some parts of the tattoo to make it more sparkly. These types of tattoos are made with what they call UV ink or black light ink. This sounds like a really cool idea but then you wouldn’t be able to really show off your tattoo unless someone had a black light to see it with.

Inside Lip Tattoos

Now people are getting the inside of their lips tattooed. Wow! I would think this would be just as bad as a tongue tattoo. Although the most common place for these tattoos is under the inside of the bottom lip, some people get the inside of their upper lip tattooed as well. Just weird!

Accessory Tattoos

Accessory tattoos are made to look just like that, accessories. You can actually get glasses tattooed around your eyes and even a necklace tattooed around your neck. Wow! These sound really cool!

Hair Tattoo

If you are completely bald, don’t worry! You can get hair tattooed onto your head to make it look like you just have a shaved head. A company in the UK is making their way with this type of tattooing.

Armpit Tattoos

Some people are now getting tattoos on their armpits. Wow! Wouldn’t this hurt? Sounds interesting though.

Penis And Vagina Tattoos

A penis is a sensitive place as it is without someone drawing art onto it, but people do it. Women also get tattoos on their vaginas. While this image isn’t necessarily either a penis or a vagina, you can image what they’d look like.