10 Ways Gamers Can Earn Money From Video Games

Game Tester

Being a game tester may sound like a dream job for some and while it can be a fun and rewarding position within the industry, being a game tester can be a bit mundane. Gamers will be pinned in one section of the game playing it over and over trying to find any bugs or glitches possible. After finding a bug, they must report it and then go right back to playing that section of the game once again.

Sell Guides

New MMO and MMORPG video game titles are constantly being released. Those who know the ins and outs of the latest MMORPG game may want to take advantage of it. Websites like Killerguides.net allow gamers to sell their own written video game guides. Though you may earn some money through making video game guides, you’ll want to ensure that you know everything possible about a specific subject. From completing quests, recommended items and leveling tips for the various classes as the more in-depth you write about a video game, the more likely you’ll get potential buyers.