10 Valentine’s Day Traditions From All Over The World

Valentine’s Day is such a special time of year, celebrating in different places all across the globe. It is a day when people tell each other how much they love one another, and display it to the world with acts of affections, gifts, and surprises. Many people view Valentine’s Day as an excuse for big box stores to overprice things like flowers, chocolates, and candies, and many see Valentine’s Day as pure commercialism and materialism. However, Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently all across the planet, and this list gives ten different examples of different traditions across the world.


Brazilian’s leave everything to luck on Valentine’s Day. One of their traditions is to place the names of all of their crushes into a hat, and then pick one. The one they pick is the one they are destined to be with.


In the Philippines, thousands of couples gather on Valentine’s Day for mass weddings.