10 Truly Fascinating Facts About Black Holes

Way back in 1738, John Michell became the first person to ever theorize the existence of a black hole anywhere in the universe. The theory was then forgotten and then pushed forward in 1915 when renowned scientist Albert Einstein published the general theory of relativity, which he theorized the formation of a black hole. In 1971, the actual existence of black holes was confirmed. Since that time, research and science have focused on exploring these destructive wonders, but with little return. Here are ten truly fascinating facts about black holes.

Three Types

There are three types of black holes in the universe: stellar black holes, which are the smallest; intermediate black holes, which are medium-sized; and lastly are the supermassive black holes, which could swallow our sun with no problem.


The appearance of a black hole cannot be truly observes, as nothing can escape their boundaries due to gravity being so strong. What we do see, however, is gas falling into the black hole.